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Okay... So recently I started writing this story on my friends myspace about a little green play-do dinosaur she made named Stella... And I couldn't resist posting the first three parts here.

---- The Adventures of Stella the Dinosaur----
Chapter 1**
Stella was on the brink of madness. She had not been able to listen to her fav band, the Wiggles, for ages. Finally, she could not take it any longer. Stella pranced through the forest of make believe to see if the wiggles were in their underground burrow. Suddenly, Stella was attacked! AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! She screamed, but nobody was able to hear her. Will Stella make it to the Wiggles' burrow? Find out next time, on THE ADVENTURES OF STELLA THE DINOSAUR!!!

"Help me! AAAHHHHH!!!" Stella was terrified. When her attackers finally released her, she was in a part of the forest she had not yet explored. "What do you want from me?"Stell asked, her voice quivering."That, young lady is an excellent question, " replied the larger of her two attackers."We are the cotton candy bandits, and we want YOU to help us steal all of the cotton candy that the wiggles are hiding in their cave, "the smaller one with poop for hair was grinning as he said that last sentence i just typed. Stella was aware of the large supply of cotton candy in the wiggles' cave, and it was most delicious as she had smapled herself. "But, the wiggles are my friends! i can't steal from them! stealing is wrong!Besides, what would you do with all of that cotton candy?" The bandits exchanged a grin before replying to the dinosaur. WILL STELLA GIVE IN TO THE DEMANDS OF THE COTON CANDY BANDITS? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON THE AVENTURES OF STELLA THE DINOSAUR!!!

The Cotton Candy Bandits exchanged a sly grin before replying to the dinosaur. Then, the larger one spoke. "Well, little dinosaur, cotton candy can be good for many a use if you know what I mean, " he said, shifting his eyebrows up and down. "Erm... No, no sir I don't know what you mean, " said Stella. "You don't know what he means?Holy potatoes! You REALLY don't know what he means?"inquired the smaller one. Stella had a puzzled expression on her face now. "No, I really, truly have no idea what you are talking about. I'm sorry. Maybe a charade could help..?" the dinosaur asked hopefully. "Yes, yes a charade is a wonderful idea! Hey, get over here!" the large one said to the smaller one. "What? No way am I gonn----" WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO TELL STELLA? WILL A CHARADE HELP? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE ADVENTURES OF STELLA THE DINOSAUR!!!!!

[X]Yay for Ashley... I wrote a story![X]
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